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2 miles past zero

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Today while driving, my range finally dropped to zero. Based on previous fillups I think that there is at least another gallon of usable fuel sloshing around in the tank. I'm trying to decide if it is worth it to find out how much our tanks actually hold. Is there any danger to the car from running out of gas. I know the fuel pump is cooled by being immersed in fuel. I would be forever in debt of anyone with experience as a tech or mechanic chiming in. To be clear, I am right now 2 miles past zero on the range. If I do this, I would carry a can with me so that I'm not stranded. Do you have any thoughts. I've never run a car out of gas before and am curious to see where the real limits lay.
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I think I'm just too nervous to do this with a brand new car. Going to the gas station next time I go out. I'll end up being about 5 past zero when all is said and done. If the car were a lease, I would probably be more willing to try it. I'm just too chicken I guess.
So, filled the car. Pumped 16.185 which is the most I've ever put into the car at one time. After I worked it out, I only ended up averaging 25.3 mpg this month. :/
You Described My Plan Exactly, AlphaDelta
I have many hobbies: flying, rowing, cycling. I just want to know exactly how much gas is in the tank. next month I'll see how far past zero I can go.
1 - 6 of 31 Posts
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