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2 miles past zero

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Today while driving, my range finally dropped to zero. Based on previous fillups I think that there is at least another gallon of usable fuel sloshing around in the tank. I'm trying to decide if it is worth it to find out how much our tanks actually hold. Is there any danger to the car from running out of gas. I know the fuel pump is cooled by being immersed in fuel. I would be forever in debt of anyone with experience as a tech or mechanic chiming in. To be clear, I am right now 2 miles past zero on the range. If I do this, I would carry a can with me so that I'm not stranded. Do you have any thoughts. I've never run a car out of gas before and am curious to see where the real limits lay.
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Actually you can accomplish this in nearly exact detail :

  1. Take 1 gallon small gas can, fill it, secure in trunk (sealed)
  2. Drive car until empty and engine quits from fuel starvation. (safe location from traffic, etc...)
  3. Dispense spare 1 gallon from trunk into tank.
  4. Drive to nearest fuel station and FILL tank, note gallons purchased.
  5. Add 1 gallon to that total, subtract .1 or .2 (fuel used to get to nearest station)
  6. Now you know how many gallons your tank holds and has available to the engine (useable fuel)

Bingo!! Exact fuel available.
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You just hope you don't get rear ended with a can of gas in the trunk which could turn you into a crispier critter. :banana:

It's not worth the risk in my mind.
Good point. With all things, there are risks..... I just wanted to address the OP question with a possible solution. He (or she) stated the possibility of carrying a can to accomplish the goal. With that, he could find out the exact details he's looking for.

This could be mitigated by carrying your spare container after the "low fuel" light came on or something similar.
Username;Hogan773 said:
WHY! don't you have more interesting hobbies than verifying the exact capacity of your tank and possibly damaging components ?
Crazy exact data is my hobby, LoL.

Also (with no disrespect to Mr or Miss Hogan773) let me assure you, after running HUNDREDS of cars out of gas, there is no damage to be done. It is what happens when the car IS out of gas which causes damage. ( ie cranking empty tank and fuel lines, etc etc..). This is why the manufacturer discloses "possible" damage because of these people cranking cars with no gas thinking they'll start ??:lmao::dunno:

When I was in the car business up north (SNOW) we let all the cars on the lot idle while brooming snow off them and plowing the lot. Ten to Twenty would run out of gas with no issues ever in over ten years of brooming snow. (you other dealer peeps know what I mean!!):wave:

I have many hobbies: flying, rowing, cycling. I just want to know exactly how much gas is in the tank. next month I'll see how far past zero I can go.
Cool Username! We think alike and I'm also a pilot too. Might explain why we like to know exact fuel quantities and usage details.:thmsup:

I hope you'll keep us updated on your findings as you get more data.

I've drove 18 miles after 0. Was in a pinch and had too. 18 miles and didn't run out at that point.
I think someone has done this or the math and said around 20 miles or so in a thread. That fill up was 17.1 gallons if I remember correctly.
Similar result. I just filled up today, and went approx 20miles past "0 to empty". 465miles, and with two clicks of the pump, got 17.45gals in. 26.72 MPG.
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