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2000 Accord V6 leaking transmission fluid

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My 2000 V6 Accords transmission is leaking fluid. Its been leaking for probably a year and a half and I've just keep adding fluid but finally decided to get the leak fixed. The mechanic looked at it and said that it seems to be the gasket in between the 2 halves of the transmission, and that its going to be a major repair to fix it. He referred me to a transmission specialist and they are estimating the repair to be about $800-$1000. Does that sound right to ya'll? I only plan to keep the car another year at the most so I'm tempted to just keep adding fluid and not repairing it. What are the chances that the gasket could eventually fail completely and I burn up a transmission?
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You can start using Valvoline MaxLife transmission fluid to see if that some how slows the leak buy swelling or conditioning the rubber seals. Worth a shot for pretty much the same price as regular trans fluid.
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