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2001 Honda Accord replaced Fuel Pump, still won't start

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I love my 01 Accord Ex coupe but lately issues are starting to arise. I have not been hearing my fuel pump "kick on" so I have had to "prime it" with carb cleaner in intake to start it a couple of times. Bought and installed new fuel pump yesterday. It is still not cranking and you can not hear the fuel pump "turn on" when you turn the key on. I have power to the plug going into the fuel pump. I checked the fuse on driver's side panel for the fuel pump and it is good. I don't know what else it could be. Now I am wondering if my fuel pump was even bad to begin with, or if its something else.The battery is fine, fuse is fine, plug is fine,I don't kow what else to check for. Is there also a relay for the fuel pump or anything else that I am missing?
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There is a main relay that often goes bad.
on the 98-02 accords, the main fuel relay could go bad when it's cold outside.... whereas the older accords use to do it when hot....

i know this cause i had to have mine replaced as well...
I had the same issues with the same make and model. On very hot days, the hot interior of the car causes the solder to seperate in the fuel pump (main relay). If youre semi-handy, its about a 1 hour job at about 20-40 dollars. I have a post pertaining to this issue on this site. It will tell you how to replace the relay. I think you can search posts by "poster" or member name.

Hope this helps
I think you can search posts by "poster" or member name.
Click on your user name. Then click user posts.
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