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2002 Accord: adjusting park brake?

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adjusting parking brake?

02 accord lx, rear drums

does anyone have pictures / instructions of how to adjust the parking brake cable?

thanks :D
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the site I use is down at the moment.... I'll try & put this on soon.
thanks, looking forward to the info. :)
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Pull the parking brake lever (A) with 196 N (20 kgf, 44 lbf) force to fully apply the parking brake. The parking brake lever should be locked within the specified number of clicks (B).

Lever Locked Clicks:
Vehicle With Rear Disc Brakes:

Vehicle With Rear Drum Brakes:

Adjust the parking brake if the lever clicks are out of specification.


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NOTE: After rear brake caliper servicing, loosen the parking brake adjusting nut, start the engine and press the brake pedal several times to set the self-adjusting brake before adjusting the parking brake.

Block the front wheels, then raise the rear of the vehicle, and make sure it is securely supported.

Make sure the parking brake arm (A) on the rear brake caliper contacts the brake caliper pin (B).


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Pull the parking brake lever up one click.

Remove the rear console lid.


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Tighten the adjusting nut (A) until the parking brakes drag slightly when the rear wheels are turned.

Release the parking brake lever fully, and check that the parking brakes do not drag when the rear wheels are turned. Readjust if necessary.

Make sure that the parking brakes are fully applied when the parking brake lever is pulled up fully.

Reinstall the rear console lid.


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Princess, does this apply to the 7th gens as well? How about the 4th/ 5th gen? Thanks.
basically, yes.

94 parking brake:


:banana: thank you very much :thmsup:
no problem :D
Princess, I have a "free play" on the parking brake lever of about one inch until the first click engages, is it normal or should I adjust the nut under the console?
FYI, all the 4 pad sets have been replaced two weeks ago, but the free play existed also before the pads replacement. Thanks.
I have the same free play, I consider it pretty much normal. The handbrake still holds the car on a hill so it's doing okay.
My handbrake comes up much higher than on any other car I have owned, but when I took it to my Pet mechanic he said that's normal on this model Accord! :dunno:

Either way, it holds the car firmly where I leave it so why worry.. :D
SSMV6 said:
Princess, does this apply to the 7th gens as well? How about the 4th/ 5th gen? Thanks.
So in other words Princess, that means that anyone with a 7th gen with disc rears should be pulling it only to 6-9 clicks and with drum rears to 4-7?

I've always been in the habbit of pulling it more than I needed to in my old car (when she died the parking brake would be at almost 90 degrees from level), but with the Accord I always pull it as little as possible to hold the car, but I'm always worried its going to start rolling backwards slowly at some point in time.

If its supposed to be 6-9 for the 6spd, then I'll be sure to count 7 to 8 clicks whenever I park the car (and yeah, I guess you could say I have OCD about my Accord but I still see it as a good thing... :lmao: :lmao: )
I pull it as hard as it'll go. Our 86 Accord with 250K never broke the parking brake cable, but one time I did set my car's e-brake too lightly. It looked like it was too back in the driveway to be right...then I went out to nudge it and it almost rolled over me.
I think benji has it right, pull it all the way up. The play or amount of clicks in the ebrake can also be effected by the amount of brake pad or shoe thinkness. ASFAIK the ebrake engages your rear wheel caliper (not sure which one off the top of my head) so I would say if you never replaced brake shoes or pads in the rear on older cars, you could have an ebrake handle that goes higher than normal.

On my previous S10, my ebrake went at around 85k. Not the actual cable but the assembly where that you engage with your foot. Thankfully the part was cheap since I had to get it from the dealer, installing it was harder tho. GM engineering for ya...
The 7-8 click standard is meant as a way to measure how tight to set the parking brake. It should click a certain number of times when a set amount of force is applied to the ebrake handle. This set amount of force may or may not be enough to hold the car. It is ok to pull the brake a little harder if you need to keep the car from rolling (ie a hilly parking space with wet brakes).

The e-brake is supposed to be self adjusting even after a brake pad/ shoe change. For the rear discs.. They will adjust to normal after the regular brake pedal is pressed a couple of times. For brake drums, a few pulls on the e-brake handle (racheting) will adjust the parking brake to normal height.
My problem is that when i pull the handbrake the right rear caliper locks and the left doesnt can i adjust this fron the rear caliper ? Thank you
How do I remove the rear console on a 1993 Mk IV, I took the screws out but its being a real pain in the ass
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