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e'yup... 172k is well into the red for the notorious BX7A.

Honda designed these 6th gen automatic transmissions with a handful of flaws that cause them to run excessively hot which causes a breakdown in ATF lubricity that leads to excessive wear and inevitable failure. These transmissions are plumbed to dump heat into the radiator, but its insufficient. Another Honda engineering bugaboo: A non-serviceable internal transmission filter! A handful of well-read and savvy 6th gen Accord v6 owners heeded the advice with noted success to install an external transmission filter along with an external transmission cooler, and stuck religiously to a regiment of changing three-quarts-of-ATF-every -three-months. But these folks ain't you.

Grab your ODB2 scan tool that reads transmission DTCs and plug it into data link connector up in the drivers side footwell. Check for stored transmission codes; e.g.: p07xx a/o p17xx and research any found for the next step. Probably, though, you won't see any codes.

You can might buy yourself a bit of time by removing the linear solenoid assembly that sits on the top of the transmission and cleaning the metallic gunk that clogs the screens in each of the tubes. But this will only stave off the inevitable for a few more miles. There are no externally accessible parts that can be swapped out. The damage is internal.

You likely need a new transmission. This is a bummer. It's a bummer not just because it's a major parts and labor expense that will exceed the current value of that twenty-year-old car of yours. It's a bummer because you must determine what your budget permits and begin a lengthy edification process so you don't buy an expensive crap transmission that fails in half the time as the original.

Do you purchase refurbished, rebuilt, or used. Do you pick up the transmission locally, or do you have it shipped. Do you do that onerous R & R job and all the unpleasantness that it entails; or do you pay a local shop to do the deed for you. (Note: Replacing a transmission from beneath a car requires lots of single-use special tools that are likely beyond the budget scope of a guy who admits he's no mechanic and would write a phrase claiming to be "good with Youtube" ...eesh.) If you go the rebuilt route, can the tranny tech assure you he used the Sonnex BX7A rebuild kit that fixes all the mistakes the Honda engineers crafted into that 6th gen BX7A. Does the replacement transmission include a basic compatible torque converter. Can you purchase a Sonnex brand torque converter instead.

Alternatively, you can simply go the AAMCO route, role the dice and all that implies, and be done with it. At least they offer financing and a 90min a/o 1000ft warranty.

And what about the rear engine seal... ugh... so, so many things to think about. Like I said: bummer..

Go get yourself a bottle of Lucas LUC10009 Transmission Fix. Put your ricer plans for that Accord on hold for a while and budget instead for a replacement transmission. And in the meanwhile, if you're inclined to read a little and learn why your transmission is vexing you, enjoy the following:
"Beyond the Pressure Regulator: Keeping Cool While Investigating Mystery Honda Overheat" by Robert Moreau; April 22, 2016
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