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Im going to tackle replacing my worn/cracked rear engine mount this weekend. From what Ive read I have my work cut out for me. Has anyone done this before and has any advice or tips for me going into this?

So far Ive read its hard to get to, you have to support the engine/transmission with a jack and play with the height to have bolts come out easily. Lots of stuff to move around as well.

Can I do this with a simple 3/8 ratchet and extenders? I dont have an impact tool...

I bought a Honda 7th gen service manual so hopefully they will have some good stuff in there. Could not find a youtube video on how to do it for the 7th gen accords. Ill try to give a detailed report after its completed.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

2003 EX coupe v6 w/navi AT
142k miles
Denso Iridium plugs
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