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I sent the million mile update to Honda and The Drive. Included the YT video link, this thread, my car's thread in the photo gallery, and IG reel & post.

No matter what, it's been fun documenting the car's story. I think this is the most documented journey to a million yet. I plan to keep driving and writing about it.

Honda - if you want some feedback on the longevity of that newly redesigned 11th gen, I'd love to help out with an EX-L Hybrid in Canyon River Blue Metallic with black leather interior.
Congrats! This is a sweet and absolutely incredible milestone! I’ve always wondered what the odometer will do next once it reaches 999,999. Now I know! You can now sell your 03 as a new car lol j/k

Just curious, what was Honda’s response to your achievement so far?
1 - 1 of 46 Posts