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2003 Honda Accord 6-6 with original engine becomes first Honda V6 car or truck to drive one million miles

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We did it! On Saturday March 11th, 2023, our 2003 Honda Accord EX V6 6spd (6-6) became the first V6 Honda car or truck to reach one million miles. I drove the car from TX to Gatlinburg, TN to hit the milestone and celebrate with family and friends. @DerekWildstar @stiller fan and @Ash051 brought their Accords and gave me a very special gift to commemorate the occasion.

Here is the video of it as it happens:

We did this in the Smoky Mountains National Park. It was a challenge to set a date and get my miles to the point where I could hit the million with everyone waiting on me.

Here's the group before we headed up to Newfound Gap:
Automotive parking light Land vehicle Car Vehicle Tire

The odometer freezes at all 9s. The trip odometer rolls back over to zeros.
Speedometer Odometer Trip computer Gauge Tachometer

New instrument cluster:
Gauge Car Measuring instrument Vehicle Trip computer

They rolled out the red carpet for the car:
Wheel Automotive parking light Car Tire Land vehicle

My family:
Car Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Tire

Me, Tim, Josh, and Ash:
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Wheel Tire

Nice scenic overlook shot:
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Sky

Got this shot on the way down the mountain:
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

Tim, Josh, and Ash got this picture framed for us. It's a great shot Tim took of the car when we met in NJ last Sept. This is awesome! Thank you all so much!
Wheel Automotive parking light Vehicle Tire Car

You can check out my car's thread on here which has all kinds of details about the journey, maintenance, repairs, and mistakes along the way:
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