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2004 2.4 Accord stalls at idle...

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2004 2.4 Accord with LPG. The car drives lovely but when pulling up to lights or a T junction, the revs drop and don't stabilise normally. They just keeps falling and then the engine cuts out so it's a case of riding the clutch and keeping the engine going whilst I stab the brakes or use the handbrake.

So far, I've paid 4 garages to have a look and so far have been told it's the battery, ECU, O2 sensor and to get Honda to reset the computer, which they won't do, so no one can find the definitive problem, just come up with expensive things to try. ARGH!

The ABS lights are on now too but this idling problem was on before that light was on so I'm not sure that's the problem.

I've changed the battery and the O2 sensor and the problem is still there. It doesn't matter if it runs on LPG or petrol, it still does it.

The ECU is an expensive part to swap out just in case that's the problem. Could it be the MAF, the idle control valve, could cleaning out the throttle body help...?

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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Wow, I'm being quoted in a thread?! :thmsup:

What is LPG? Are you across the pond?
Ha ha....I've referenced you about 20 times since June when I saw your excellent write-up (and photography AND love of aviation) on the MAF and throttle body. Heck, you even showed an excellent spot to Seafoam the mighty 4 cylinder. All of it was simple, clear, and with insanely great photos- what a DA write up ought to be....

(lots of new owners in need of fluid changes and simple fixes this summer)

Funny, but that is the first time I simply wrote "golftango's write up" instead of the 19 times I wrote "golftango's EXCELLENT write up". Royalty check is in the mail though...
Thanks, I like to contribute where I can. :thmsup: Thankfully the Accord was one of the easier DIY cars to work on. I miss the old Accord.
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