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So, new problem. Yay.

I have dual A/C and it shows the temperature as a number. It's like Lo, 57-86, Hi...or something like that. I'm in NC and it's been like 30's and 40's lately, so I usually turn it to something between 78 and 82 to be comfortably warm.

The other day, I noticed something smelled like it was burning. I thought it was from outside the car until I kept smelling it. Yesterday morning was like 36 when I left the gym and I was kinda hot as it was so when I got in my car, I didn't want the heat on crazy. I turned it down to 60 before the heat stopped. Everything above that was hot as could be. 60 isn't even's like what I would have expected from 75ish.

I go back to college in Florida in January and it would be nice to have have AC that doesn't burn me and smell like it's burning me. Any thoughts?

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