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So I live in california and during the massive storm a few weeks back I ended up driving through flood water and hydrolocking my engine, I took it and git it flushed and the mechanics got it running and didn't detect any knocks or bent rods and the car isn't throwing any CELs my way but ehen I drive and let off the gas the exhaust sounds like it's bubbling? I've noticed no loss in power or running rough,my temp gauge stays consistent and its npt leaking oil it just sounds weird and I'm not sure if it's a symptom of a larger problem. I attached a video of what it sounds like at idle. It's a Tsudo a/m Catback dual exhaust if it makes a difference

Help please

Video:2004 accord exhaust bubble sound

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Water in the muffler? Drill a small hole in the lowest part of it.
From the video posted it does appear to be condensation exiting the pipe not just exhaust generated water.

Actually it looks like steam.

I was going to say just drive the car till you boil it off but that'll cost buku-bucks with gas prices out there.
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