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2005 EX 4 cyl sounds like a tractor

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I just bought a used 2005 Accord EX 4 cyl from a private seller, and had a mechanic check it out prior to purchase. Everything's in great shape, nothing to worry about beyond replacing two tires and changing the spark plugs.

I noticed the past few days that the engine sounds more like a tractor on acceleration...sorry, that's the only way I know to describe it! I'm going to change the spark plugs soon, and I'm wondering if what I'm hearing is in fact the cylinders just making a little more noise with the older plugs.

My wife has a 2004 Accord EX 4 cyl, and although you can hear a similar sound, it's nowhere near as loud. The spark plugs are due for a change on hers too.

Here's a link to a recording I made...
Not sure how much help this really is.

I sat my phone at the bottom of the windshield with the hood open to record it, and gave it some acceleration in Neutral. I tried recording while driving around, but you can't really hear anything.
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Mileage? Do you know which plugs are in there now? Are they original? Those are good for 110,000 miles. Could be the valves need adjusting, but more info would be helpful.
Sounds pretty normal to me esp when cold. Honda I4's have always been sort of loud. Even brand new ones. :thmsup:
Valve adjustment needed? How many miles?
Hey guys, sorry took me a while to get back. Mileage is a little over 116k. Yep, it does sound louder when engine is cold. After a while of driving it calms down a little. I'm about to change the spark plugs anyway per mechanic's recommendation. Replacing whatever's in there (most likely originals, mechanic thought so) with NGK Iridiums.

How much does a valve adjustment run? I get the impression that's a little more complicated than a straight up spark plug replacement.
If by tractor you mean like a residential lawn mower type, it could be an exhaust leak at your headers. As the motor warms up, the gasket expands, and the leak will slow down or stop making the noise much less audible.
I recall reading on here that the 2.4 suffers from piston slap. My '05 (currently with 107K miles) has become noisier too and I adjusted the valves over the winter, but that made no difference. Like yours, mine is worse when cold, but will quiet down after a few miles. I try to baby it till the clatter subsides, but I don't think there's really anything you can do for it.
Thanks guys, I did change the spark plugs a few days ago, and the noise has actually gone away. The plugs were definitely in need of a replacement, so I put some new NGK Iridiums in, and I haven't heard the same noise since. Good to know about the piston slap though, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks again!
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