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just for in case, I write the symptoms down once more. Maybe someone has any ideas, what would cause that

* turn the ignition ON, pump starts priming but stops with a click in 0,5-1 second. Normal prime takes about 2+ seconds. I can clearly hear the difference.
It seems like something is telling the pump to stop.
  • in case of this short prime, the engine wont start. Cranks good, but wont even try to start.
  • in case of the normal/long prime, the car starts good, and drives, with no symptoms or issues.
  • usually it wont prime correct and wont start if the weather is colder. Usually in the morning is the worst.
  • no check engine light, or any other lights in the dash.

because the issue is only with getting the car started, but not with driving, I would think that the isssue is not the fuel pump. I would guess, that its some sensor or the ecu that does not let the car start for some reason. But what sensor would stop the fuel pump mid-priming, when the ignition is turned on?
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