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2007 Honda Accord SE
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2007 Honda Accord SE in Nighthawk Black Pearl

Got a long list to go.

DDM Tuning 35w 6000k HID Kit
Debadge the "Accord"
Depo Blackhoused Headlights
Hybrid Tail Lights
03-05 Front Lip
Painted NHBP Grille, Honda will be left Chrome.
Decklid Spoiler
20 or 35% Tint in the rear 3 windows, undecided.
50% Tint on Driver/Passenger Windows, undecided. <- Worried about cops
Cold Air Intake
Seafoam Treatment
Roof Spoiler
LED Interior Kit

Basically all I'm looking at right now. I wanted to have my plate off center, but with fog's that's a no go.

eBay Fog Light kit, same bulbs from the kit. I love the output, just wish it was a bit further. It does make a bit of a difference driving if you are tall enough.


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I want your cam bro! Saving up for a DSLR right now. Glad to see everything is up and running. Now gotta do something about those headlights.. :D
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