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2007 Serpentine belt diagram v6 same as all other 7th gen models?

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I am trying to reinstall a serpentine belt on a 2007 v6 3.0 accord and I am not sure I am routing the belt correctly because it is way to difficult to get on (done a bunch of belts in my day).

I am wondering if the 3.0 engine has the same diagram for routing as every other engine in the 7th gen class of hondas? I found a diagram on this site and it is linked below. Is this correct?

Thanks, I am in a bind. I am helping a neighbor with their car.
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Yes, that is correct. That is the diagram for all V6 7th Gen Honda Accords.
Are you sure you are doing this part?

"After you have the belt more or less in it's place, push up on the pulley as you did before and put the belt over the P/S pulley."

The belt won't slip on without moving the pulley.
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