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Heard from Crutchfield that the MB Quart QS216 which are really deep speakers will fit in factory location on 2008 accord EX-L 2 door, think I'll remove the panel and measure before I believe this?
Have you guys/Gals when using stock CD player and aftermarket amp in trunk use a (In -line) converter behind stock head unit? I am going to use my Soundstream 405s , five channel amp and also upgrade/run a Boston acoustics pro 8 inch woofer in stock rear deck location.
Some one looked as though they fit the crossovers into the doors, thought I'd just run wires to trunk and install crossover networks near Amplifier. Few more wires to route in the doors but cleaner install.
wanted to retain stock head unit.
anyone got the max depth of the 6.5 size speakers you can fit into the doors without using spacers? thanks
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