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2008 Accord Coupe EXL
4 Cyl
126,000 miles
Excellent condition

I have the most bizarre noise problem. I am hearing a whine come from the right front wheel area when I make a right turn. Here is why it is bizarre...

ONLY happens when a right angle left hand turn is being made.
Turn must be made while moving, as in does not happen when making the right hand turn from a stop sign.
Can not make the noise repeat by doing left hand circles in forward or reverse.
Basically can not make the noise happen unless doing a moving right hand turn.

Crazy right? As I come out of the turn I hear a whine from the right front wheel. The whine continues while in first gear and then as you go into second it increase with speed BUT decreases in volume until you finish second and enter third and the noise disappears.
My son-in-law is a mechanic and this even has him stumped. I changed the trans fluid at 60k by doing the old drain 3 qts, run the car, drain 3 qts, run the car, drain 3 qts run the car. This yields about a 88% trans fluid swap. Honda trans fluid was used.

Any ideas?
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