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Recently had the 2 front suspension assemblies (springs and strut) replaced as the left one was shot and made a rattling sound. After the repair was complete, sound was much less but there is still what I would describe as a 'bobbling sound' on both sides (front) when riding over small bumps. The lower control arm and control were replaced after discovering these were shot, too. Still the bobbling sounds remains. 2 private shops have looked at the car and can't find the cause. Honda inspected the car and didn't notice anything that would cause the sound. The only thing that Honda said that might be the cause is the fact the the new springs are after market. Took the car back to the mechanic who did the install and he replaced the spring/struts under warranty (thinking maybe they were faulty). Still that bobbling sound remains.
He said that he does about 40-50 installs like this each year and never has a problem using the same after market product. I trust his mechanic. Have used him for many other repairs and he does a good job w/very fair prices and his shop is always bustling with customers. He's even installed parts before without charging for labor. Been in business 20 years.

Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas on what it can be? I've spent enough on both repairs and don't want to spend more unless I know for sure what it can be. Thank you!

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Aftermarket struts?

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Swaybar links, bushings
Lower ball joints
Upper ball joints

It's very unlikely the struts. If you can't identify the source yourself, find a competent shop that can diagnose common front end noises.
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