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2009 Honda Accord EX Coupe Clearcoar Peeling

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I bought this car brand new in August 2010. Its a 2009 Honda Accord EX Coupe San Marino Red. I have 60,000 miles on it. My friends always say I'm obsessed with keeping my cars clean. I always wash them once a week at least and wax a few times a year. And if bird droppings or anything gets on my car I am always quick to get them off. Well Imagine my shock when just the other day I was washing the car and noticed what I thought was some goo or something on the passenger front fender. After finding it wouldn't wash off and closer inspection with my hand I could tell it was something more serious.I finished drying my car and wash shocked to see that it was in fact the clear coat coming off the paint. A 4 year old car that I only owned for 3 years should not be losing any clear coat. Even if I never took car of the car this should not be happening yet. I have attached some pics so you can see. If you were to see my car in person you could tell I take care of the car obsessively. Anyways, I am really disappointed. I really loved my Honda but now I have lost faith. I don't think its a fluke because I have read other people having similar issues with earlier year cars. I also fear that the problem may spread to the rest of the car. I am going to take it to my dealer but from reading online I don't think Honda will do anything to help you out. Well I got to say if Honda doesn't make this right they are going to lose an avid Honda fan and family of Honda Owners. I love my baby but if it starts to look like a Zebra and an embarrassment I won't have anything good to say. I would have to say 100% this is a manufactures defect and if Honda was really the company I thought they was they would do something to help me out. Anyone else out their experiencing any clearcoat peeling problems?


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It shouldn't be. I think there is something up with honda's reds honestly. My mother had a red tsx on lease, for I can't remember if it was 2 or 3 years. The roof/hood/trunk turned pink. And it was regularly washed/waxed.

I had a silver focus for 11 years and it only started fading year 7.
Solid Red, White & Black are single stage paints, which incorporates the clear coat. It does not have the best protection, which is why Reds peel or turn pink.
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