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This works!!!

After reading way too many post trying to find a workaround on the Honda Navi interface connector ( this is the plug taped up and behind the glove box) I found a cheap and safe solution.
You will need to locate a computer cable with a small 4 pin connector on the ends. This will be cut down and the cable used as pig tails to tie in the camera.
Since the connection of the camera to this Honda connector only requires 4 pins (Honda Pins 3 through 6) this computer plug is all you need to complete the installation. I found mine in a box of computer junk collected over the past. Here is the pinout: Honda Plug 1 Green -- Not used. Honda Plug 2-- Red -- not used. Honda plug 3 Black -- RCA shield. Honda Plug 4 White -- RCA center conductor. Honda plug 5 Jump to Honda plug 6. DONE!!

Now take the computer connector with attached cabling and connect the RCA cable shield to Computer plug pin 1 pigtail... , RCA center conductor to the Computer plug pin 2, and next tie the Computer plug pin cabling for pins 3 and 4 together. Solder and insulated all joints.

Now take the computer plug and firmly insert it into the Honda plug such that the computer plug pin 1 to 4 goes to the Honda plug pin 3 to 6 and you are all hooked up.

There will not be anything attached to the Honda plug pins 1 ad 2 as they are not used for connecting the camera.

The computer plug will not be locked into the Honda plug and will need to be taped up so the plug will not be able to come loose.

The backup light signal wiring is all separate and has been thoroughly covered in prior threads.

I have included a picture to show the computer plug and cable. This is included only to show the size of the plugs you are looking for. Mine had a white connector on the other end that I used in my installaion as it had a better fit than the black connector. That connector is not shown in the picture. You can use either the black or white connector to make the connection just tape up firmly and tie this connection out of the way of the glove box swing. Cut the computer cable and be sue to allow enough remaining wire to work with

Print this thread and carry it with you for comparison and to show people who may be able to supply you with this part. This will really help.

I am sure there are other computer connectors available that will work. I think this cable may have powered a graphics card fan.

Hope this helps!


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