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· When will the mods stop.... or will they?
2008 Honda accord Coupe 6 speed manual
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3 weeks? you should not be worrying about anything. I have my car in the driveway for 3 months with the manifold removed and the intake ports plugged. No charger, no stabilizer no nothing. All was fine 3 months later when it started up.

I will say though, having fuel WITH NO ETHANOL, is most ideal for any sort of storage time. That is the main cause of issues and is typically why fuel stabilizer is used. This is highly applicable to seasonal engines like lawnmowers, snowblowers, boats, etc. No ethanol is going to be a huge bonus. So this is what I do, I used no ethanol fuel on everything.

Trickle charging the battery would be a safe thing to do, because standard batteries don't like to be discharged and then jumped as it progressively hurts the battery cells.
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