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New here and apologize if I have missed the answer to this question.

I recently purchased a 2012 Accord SE sedan and it has the base-model audio system: single CD, no nav or climate control, etc. Door speakers, tweeters in the pillars, two speakers in the back deck. No subwoofer.

The sound will not get the job done. Compressed and flat.

What I have not been able to find out, from a dealer (north of Milwaukee) or elsewhere, is whether or not I can get the "premium" audio system as an upgrade/drop-in. I would like to keep the head unit and other functions intact, and I understand this is not always possible with some aftermarket units.

I want quality, full-range audio, and will pay for it. but I also understand that when you get into the aftermarket, there are 1000 different opinions on which system is the way to go. We're talking classic rock here.

I'd appreciate some guidance on this. I've seen and ridden in other Accords with factory audio that seemed capable. And I really don't want to go the Crutchfield route; this might be more than I am confident enough to install.

Do all 2012 Accords have the same basic wiring harness, so I could do this as a drop-in if I could find the right unit?
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