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Hi to all.

I have 2012 SE v4, every single service was done at the local dealer I always go. Any services they recommanded were done on my car.

With a fill-up tank, I usually get 480miles but last 5 to 6 tank I am getting 350.
Took the car to the dealer no code was stored. The service adviser told me that in the winter time, gas stations use oxgenated gas which can lower the mileage on the car. But even with oxgenated gas it cannot drop this much.

Now i get around 300....any suggestions??

Please help me.

Thank you.

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1) What's your MPG number? Using a needle to tell you when to fill up and then saying you get X miles per tank doesn't tell us anything. We need the MPG number so it can be compared with what the car is rated at.

2) What's your typical driving distance and duration like? Short trips will hurt your MPG.

3) What's your city/highway driving percentage?

4) What's the tire pressure at?

5) What's traffic like and your average speed in the city and on the highway?

6) Anything change between now and before (i.e. driving pattern, driving distance, weather, road conditions, number of passengers, new wheels and tires, etc.)?
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