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2013 Accord EX-L and Siri

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I picked up my 2013 Accord EX-L (no Navi) on the weekend, trading in my CR-V. I can get my iPhone 4s ios 6.1.3 to operate as a Bluetooth phone, but I cannot get it to do anything else. If I ask for directions it tries to phone someone, if I ask it to text, it tries to call. Calling is all it seems to do.

I maybe asking questions that have previously been asked, but I couldn't find it.

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I suspect a class action suit if they don't release something by the end of the year. I for one am very annoyed at the lack of siri integration, particularly because I bought the car with the expectation that it would be released in the 2013 model year, as Honda said it would, and that was a deciding factor in my purchase.
good luck with that.....all plans are subject to change...
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