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New to the forum and a proud new owner of this beautiful beast
There are 4 things I would like to mod to the car , car is stock right now.
I love the exhaust sound however I would like it to be I bit louder nothing crazy , I just want the purr to be a bit deeper to the ear.

Lowering the car maybe an inch

New wheels not sure to stay 18or go 19 and honestly don't know what looks good with my color

Red good tires to good with the wheels . Something affordable but sticky enough to handled the Beast

That's all I want to do for now

Would love to here some suggestions on good parts and see some pics of your rims on yours . Looking for ideas

Thanks in advance to the community for taking the time to answers probably a repetitive question yet always fun to discuss

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You're right, it is always a fun topic!

Just finished up my 6-6 with mods for the most part with no new plans for the near future, and I'm very pleased with the results!

Performance-wise, I personally don't think these cars are meant to go fully catless. Too raspy imo, so I stayed away from PCDs and HFPCs. That being said, here are my performance mods:

-18x9.5 Enkei RPF1s wrapped in 255/40-18 MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4S tires
-Full Tein Flex Z coilovers
-Takeda SRI (sounds absolutely amazing)
-ATLP v2r j-pipe (does delete the 3rd cat but has no ill effect on sound, just very slightly deeper)
-K-tuner 91 basemap

With all these mods, I should be right at the 300 crank range and the car definitely punches above it's weight! I've matched the pull of a gutted 6mt 350z HR coupe from 45-100ish at which point he started to creep away to a car length by 130. A straight-piped e90 m3 could not pull away from me on a couple not so clean runs since he would never slow down to line up. I also just ran a straight-piped s550 5.0 through the canyons the other day and it was a very similar experience to the HR 350z with him pulling ever so slightly harder than the Z did after 100. Below that we were evenly matched and the corners, especially, were all my territory. Very respectable results in my opinion! I'm always so pleased with how this car performs, while looking so good, and still having that honda reliability.

The car doesn't draw too much negative attention at all. Vtec sounds amazing. No issues with reliability. Really one of those rare, 'have your cake & eat it too' types of situations. I think you'd come to a similar conclusion if you were to follow a similar route.

Hopefully this helps and congrats on the car. Enjoy!
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