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2013 Door Sil "ACCORD" illumination On 8Th Gen

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Hey Guys,

So decided to go out there and be a bit adventurous. Why is it that Honda is now releasing things on the 9th gen that are cool? Like the illuminated door sil?!?! I decided to buy it and hook it up myself. This how it turned out. If anyone is interested I'll put up a more extensive install on here but check it out, figured I'd share with you all.

New to the forum posting but have many custom things done on my car. I'll try to put up more as time permits. Also help out if anyone wants to know how to do them. Check out my custom 3rd brake light:

Ordered the 2013 door illumination kit from majestic honda and installed on my 8g accord: All Custom install since the wires for this harness given to you in the kit can't really be used.

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Didn't they make illuminated door sills for the 8th gen? I looked at the cost and the effort involved in messing (cutting) with the harness and took a pass.

Looks good though. The illumination and your paver driveway ;)
Would love more info on the mod difficulty of wiring and install. Does the sille require any cutting. This is something I really want to do. Damn pics wont open. All your help would be greatly appreciated.
That is great that you got it working. What did you do about the gap as the sill shape is different?
Definitely, please post as thorough an installation procedure as you can, with as many pictures as possible.

What is the Honda part number of the sills you bought? I have been wanting to install them for a while. Just didn't know if they were compatible.

Please share all you can. Thanks!
they make these for the 8th gens also... I have them on mine...
please post instructions! Thats absolutely sick
they make these for the 8th gens also... I have them on mine...

I knew they made them for the sedan, I didn't know they made them for the coupe. Are they a direct install or do you need to modify the electronics? Can you post the part number and install manual?
Wow! These look great! How did you over come the problem of fitment? Isn't the shape different between 8th and 9th gens?

Please post up how you did all the wiring. Thanks!
Please post more info , really would like to do this
How To Install Illuminating Door Sill on 8th Gen Accord Coupe.

Hey Guys,

So Based on popular demand is a video I made during the install. Gotta say the feedback was tremendous and I really do appreciate it. I got a few more customizations I made on the car that many might like. I thought this was small potatoes compared to other things I've done on it. A couple things I need to highlight.

The Install:

It's not a hard install. I'd give it a 7/10. It's really more time consuming and if you're like me, very slow because you don't want to ruin anything since it's your baby. Couple Bullet points:

- When taking off the side panels on by the sills be careful when doing the passenger side. At the end by where the feet go there is a hook and if you pull straight up it'll break. You have to pull towards the inside of the cabin because the hook curves into the other panel. You really don't need to take out the entire floor panel just start from the back and work your way forward until you are able to see the wire you've snaked down. Same thing with the driver side. If you want to take the entire thing off you have to actually take a screw off the bottom where the gas/trunk leaver is. Not really necessary to go that far into the install. You're just really giving yourself more work.

- The top light cover/sun glass holder is actually really a pain to put back. The trick is while putting it back that you slide the screw slides all the way back towards the back of the car. You'll see what I mean when you take it off. If you don't do this you'll never get the screws back in. They're white and the slide back and forth for some reason. Like Honda thought the entire thing will be capable of sliding or something? Terrible idea but it is what it is.

- I highlighted it in the video but that blue wire is the main power feed. If you disconnect it you won't have any power. It took me a minute to realize why the lights weren't coming on bellow and freaked me out for a sec until I realized the blue white coming in is main power for all the electronics there. So in order to avoid you having a heart attack by not seeing anything turn on just realize that if it's not plugged in that's most likely your problem. Also if you're using LEDS, remember they're picking and need to be + to + and - to - so just flip them and they might come on.

- The way I soldered the red and black wires might be a bit confusing because my bottom was actually the front and top the back of the unit while I was filming. Just meter check before soldering so you don't get confused.

- I ordered the kit from majestic honda with a part number of: 08E12-T3L-100
I didn't end up using the wiring kit but did use the small plastic notch that goes over the lip to prevent the wire from pinching. Highly recommend it. The wire I was going to use for the inside floor illumination (future project).

Sorry for the long wait guys. I know a few of you have been asking for it but I've been studying for the GREs and I rarely have time for anything. This was the last custom car project I did and will be for a while. Shout out to my GF for helping with the soldering. She held the wire for me haha. Couldn't have done it with out her. It's getting cold over here in the North east so that's another reason why you won't get any new things coming up but I have a few other neat ideas. I'll show you all my rear backup camera project in the next post I make. Best of luck to you all. Don't hesitate to ask questions I'd be happy to answer. Thanks Guys! Enjoy!

Installation Video:

End look:

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lol I just saw your video on youtube and I liked video. then I checked this website and bam there u are again. good job. I just like looking at youtube videos where people mod their car and working on it. PS we need rain x part 2
Looks good, just wondering why didn't you just go to each pinswitch for each door. It's a lot closer then running the wire all the way to the dome light.
Were you not able to use the supplied harness? Is it not adaptable to the 2008 coupe? Or did you not want to bother? I know that the 2008 coupe had an interior illumination accessory. The installation instructions for attaching that to the fuse box appears to be similar to the instructions for the 2013 illuminated door sills.
I contacted College Hills Honda. According to them they test fitted the 2013 illuminated door sills on an 8th gen coupe. They claim that there is a gap and they were concerned that water may enter and effect the adhesion. Based on this they did not attempt to dry fit the harness. From what I understand even if the harness could be used the sill lights would go on when the lights were turned on. In view of the placement of the sill this seems impractical since you cannot see them when the door is closed. In my opinion the best way to wire them is so they come on when the door opens.
Hey Guys,

So decided to go out there and be a bit adventurous.
Can you post some pictures of them in daylight? I definitely want to verify there are no gaps under it.
I bought a set and now see that there will be a small gap as the 8th gen sill has a rib in it. Thinking of getting some thin double faced foam tape before doing anything else.

Also will try using the harness that came with it. It is designed with a pink and green wire that go to the driver's fuse box. Yes, comes on with interior lights but interior lights only come on when one of the two doors open. Can splice the pink and green to harness that goes to the roof console at driver's fuse box.
Maybe you can do a DIY with some pictures.
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