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The other day when -9 outside car started fine in the garage (not heated) and drove enough that car was fully warmed up. Parked outside, car sat about 30 minutes. Tried to start car and it cranked long, started and died. after a few tries, car started but lots of lights on. guessing it was in limp mode. I opened hood and made sure drive belt/tensioner were OK and drove car home. Went out and started car later that day and it started fine and no lights on. Drove it the next morning and it ran normal. Didn't check for codes.
Yesterday, about 50 degrees outside, it did the same thing. Long crank, start and die, etc. Then started fine, drove it home and pulled codes. P0087 and P0339, cleared codes and they haven't come back yet....
From what I am reading, most common thing seems to point to high pressure fuel pump related to the code P0087 and there was a recall at one time...not sure if this has been done on this car. We are 2nd owners. Battery is new in June, alternator is charging. Car has 92k miles.
Not sure what to make of both codes somewhat related to the crankshaft. IE fuel pump is mechanical and driven off engine and CPS sensor senses postion of mechanical crankshaft. Not seeing any cases of both codes being "found" bad high pressure fuel pump.
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