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I have a 2014 Accord LX with 66k miles on it. At the last service for oil change the dealer recommended to perform below services soon:
1. Cooling system service - Removes deposits and contamination from cooling system - $ 164
I had performed a coolant flushed at 54k miles (another dealer). Isnt it the same service?

2. Complete fuel system treatment - cleans fuel injectors, throttle plate and intake valves - $ 215
Don't see this service mentioned in the owners manual, I fill fuel from Chevron / Costco or other top teir gas and add techron maybe once/twice a year. Adding fuel injector cleaner to this routine would suffice or do I need this service?

Thank you!
These are bullshit services. If your cooling system had never been serviced it would be due. And yes a good injector cleaner (Berryman B12) would be a good preventative DYI service.
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