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2015 Accord Coupe, any ideas on changes? Colors etc.

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After almost a year of looking at many cars and at first crossing off the Coupe and getting close to spending a lot more on a different brand, I have come back to Honda and really do believe the Coupe V6 Navi will be my next new car, but my dilemma is I really prefer white but just don't feel the love for the Ivory/black interior, I really prefer the full black interior, problem is no way will I do MSM, Black, Blue, or Tiger Eye, best choices for me are Silver or Red, but neither are saying buy now.

Anyone know Honda history of offering new color options at the third year of the current platform? If I had some idea that Honda would offer in 2015 what the Canadians get right now I would wait another year to get my white exterior and black interior. Last November I was almost ready to get a white Coupe but the interior stopped me, I thought maybe in 2014, well, it is almost a year later and I am thinking the same thing, just wait a little longer, it would be a second car so it is not absolutely necessary to get the car anytime soon.

Honda, please don't make me spend an extra 20k just so I can get my colors of choice!
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I have it and love it. I have it on the phone also but to dangerous to use.
I couldn't agree more. I will never buy a car again without integrated navigation. It is overpriced but it offers a level of usability, convenience, and safety that's so much better than what you get from a smartphone.

Granted, I live in a large, metropolitan area now, having an always-available map is awesome. I may know where I'm going but if there's an accident or traffic, I can reroute myself with a glance at the map where otherwise I'd surely get lost. Or for example, I don't need it to tell me how to get to work, but having the traffic info showing on the screen lets me know if I should exit sooner than later because of sudden backups a mile down the freeway. In both circumstances, my phone can stay in my murse where it belongs.

I'm not saying everyone should have or needs to have integrated navigation, but I think it's short-sighted to tell someone not to get something because it's not right for you when the person asked about seat cover colors. There are legitimate reasons why people choose to have it.
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