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I have a question regarding the Smart Power Unit on my 2015 Accord and after searching no results came up regarding the different part numbers. I just bought the car and it ran fine for about one week until a family emergency came up and I let it sit for 15 days. I came back to start the car and it would not start. I charged the battery and after pushing the start button 3 to 4 times it started. It took three to 4 button pushes to get the car to start for the next couple of days and now nothing. Doors will not lock/unlock with remote and nothing lights up on the dashboard at all when you push once for ACC to listen to the radio, push twice to ON/RUN position and the light on the start/stop button is blinking green. I think the immobilizer is somehow on or unit has failed but when you try to connect to it I receive a "no communication" error. I have found 5 different power unit part numbers that all say they fit this car when looking up using the vin. Also this car does not seem to have remote start so if I have to replace the power unit I plan on using one with the remote start. Considering all the remote start issues a TSB might exist regarding this failure. Any ideas why so many part numbers and which unit has the remote start function? Thanks.
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