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I just got a 2016 Accord and I'm finding that the vent mode in the climate control system only appears to control the two center vents. When I set the vent to floor only (or any other mode other than console), air still comes out the left and right console vents (ones near the door). It doesn't come out the two center vents.

Unlike the center vents, there is a manual vent shutoff for the two side vents, so I'm wondering if, despite being completely counter intuitive, this is by design.

The car is obviously under warranty, so if it's not supposed to work that way I can get it fixed, but I'd like to know how it's supposed to work.

I found a manual for an older car that states that air always comes out of the side console vents.

That could explain the manual vent shutoff for those vents, but the manual for my car makes no mention of this. Either the car is malfunctioning or the manual omitted details.
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