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2018 Accord Sport 1.6
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Hello everyone, hoping to get some opinions on my issues with this car. 2018 Accord 1.6T

So I bought this car recently from my local Honda dealer on a Wednesday afternoon. Thursday evening I have all of these error codes come up while driving. Had it waiting at the dealer on Friday morning when they opened. They look it over and read the errors and said it was caused from the gas and brake being pushed at the same time. It causes the cpu to error out and throw 6-8 codes. They reset it and said all should be good. I asked if I could cancel the deal and get a new accord that day and they said the deal had been funded by the bank so they couldn’t “cancel” it but I could trade it in and pay the negative equity…I wasnt too pleased… but what choice did I have at the time. They said it was all fixed. Well it’s happened a few more times since this over the last month. If I park the car overnight the errors go away but it’s happened 3x this week… I’m going to the dealer tomorrow…

Any ideas if this is legit or what could be wrong here?


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