2020 OEM EX/EXL Wheels: Two tone black/machined finish - which was done by a professional wheel shop when the wheels were brand new.

Perfect for someone who owns a 2018-2022 Accord that came with the 19" wheel and tire package... but needs better wheels and tires for winter/snow driving. (That's why I got them). I put them on in the winter months and put the 19" OEM wheel/tire package on in spring/summer/fall. As a result, these don't have many miles on them- approximately 5,000.

Wheel Specs:
45mm offset
5x114.3mm / 5x4.5 bolt pattern- should fit any recent Accord (Check with your dealer if unsure)
17" diameter
7.5" width
Excellent condition:
I bought these wheels from a dealership that took them off of a new Accord because the owner wanted to upgrade to Honda's accessory wheels. I wanted the same two-tone look as the Sport/Touring wheels (gloss black mixed with machined spokes), so I took them to a local respected alloy wheel shop that painted and sealed the wheels as shown in the pictures below... The inner barrel and lower spokes are painted in gloss black. the surface of the wheel is machined. The work was done by Alloy Wheel Specialists of Wisconsin- and I have the receipt. I also have the receipt for the tires, which were purchased and installed by Sam's Club on 3/2/2020. I ordered a set of black OEM center caps from my local Honda dealer- and they are installed on the wheels and included. These wheels do have the black resonators in them.

These wheels (and tires) have approximately 4,500-5,000 miles on them. I had them on my 2019 Accord Sport in March and April of 2020- then took them off and put the OEM package back on for summer. I sold that Accord in May of 2020 and bought a 2021 Accord Touring. I put these 17" wheels and tires back on in November and kept them on through winter- taking them back off in late March of 2022. As a result, these wheels and tires have approximately 5,000 miles on them... probably a bit less. I looked at them pretty closely and didn't see any scrapes or curb marks- but feel free to zoom in using the pictures below and look for yourself.

Tire Specs:
Michelin CrossClimate2 Tires
225/50R17 98V
These are excellent in the snow- probably one of the best all season tires on the market right now... which is why I chose them.

Since these weigh A LOT, I'm not really interested in trying to ship them- as it would cost a fortune. I would very much prefer to sell them locally. I'm located in Milwaukee, WI... but I'm willing to drive an hour or two to meet someone halfway.

The price is $1000.... which I think is a fair deal considering that the wheels and tires are almost new, pretty flawless, and they cost me $2100 when you add the cost of the wheels, tires, and painting.

I will throw in OEM black lug nuts and wheel locks- which are shown in the pictures below. One of the wheel locks has a little black missing from where the key fits into the lock. I'll also include the plastic tire dolly I used as well as four tire protectors/covers that I used when I stored these during the summer.

Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Locking hubs

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Black Tread

Wheel Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design

Hand White Automotive tire Tire Hood

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Tread Hubcap

Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Light

Installed on my 2019 Accord Sport from March 2020-April 2020 (approximately 1000 miles, as I was working from home due to the pandemic)
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Sky

Wheels and tires installed on my 2021 Accord Touring from November 2021-March 2022 (Approximately 3500 miles)
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire