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Check out my maintenance thread. I am at 66,300 on my 2020 HAH as of today. You can see a lot of the normal maintenance things I have done that you too can do on your own.

My car has been to the dealership only once since I bought it and that was for its first oil change. I don't know at what mileage I will ever step back in the dealership for any future service. My car is at top notch condition.

As for brake pads, I have heard a lot that the hybrid brakes should last easy over 100K. I very rarely ever have need for my brakes hence I rarely use them and so I hope my brake pads need change only after like 150k or maybe over 200k.

Dealerships are hurting now for money. So, I do not blame them giving you such a list. Not everybody has time or interest to do maintenance at home like some of us. So, the dealership will do them for you at a premium cost since they have a business to run and employees to pay.
NEVER pay them for filters or wipers. You can buy these yourself and save at least $100. I don't know your financial situation but $100 for 1 minute of "labor" is worth saving for me.

The only thing I'd get here is the oil change, if your maintenance minder says you need it and the tire rotation also if you need one.
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