Two items for sale:

1. OEM Touring Non-Heated Leather Steering Wheel:
The first is the black leather steering wheel that came with my 2021 Accord Touring. It IS NOT heated.

It was removed by the dealer a few weeks after purchase because I upgraded to the heated steering wheel option.

It includes two additional parts- that are shown in the picture. What you see in the picture will be what's included in the box.

I would recommend professional installation. It is up to the buyer to determine how to install this, if it will fit your Accord, or if additional parts are necessary for installation.

$50 locally, $65 if shipped.

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2. OEM Pattern Projectors, Honda Part #08V27-TVA-100A
These should fit any 2018-2022 Accord EXL or Touring.
These replace the OEM courtesy lights that are in the lower part of the front doors. When the door is opened, they light up- and shine "ACCORD" down on the pavement below.
Your car must already have OEM courtesy lights in order for these to work
These may fit other Accord years, but it's up to the buyer to make sure before buying.
These install pretty easily with an interior trim tool- or a small screwdriver that has a little tape on the end to prevent damage. The lights work fine- but you do need to ensure that they are plugged in correctly. If they don't light up, unplug them, turn the plug upside down, and then reinsert it and it should work fine.

I had them installed for about a week on my 2021 Accord Touring. I took them back out and put in regular LEDs because I decided that I'd rather have the illuminated door sill lights.

Price is $35 if purchased locally (Milwaukee, WI area). $45 if shipped.

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