Note the price includes shipping to US continental states.

I was one of the first to swap Acura 3.7L V6 to 3.5L. Made a custom adapter plate to mount stock throttle body. Requires 2 gaskets, instead of one. Only 3.7L TB gasket included. A ported uncut MDX spacer, extra gasket and hardware included. Also has a factory MDX PCV hose for height difference. The main mod is extra bolt holes for factory TB.

Everything is pretty much setup for swap. You will need to swap some existing fasteners. Alomg with EGR crossover pipe. Also need to obtain TB coolent fluid hoses if using them.

If i can find my custom controller, i will add it as a bonus, for programable rpm operation for VCM engines. It will open and close the butterfly valve when using a rpm trigger. RPM triggered output requires +12v to activate will close when trigger is at 0v.

On VCM engines the butterfly valve is closed will increase the low to medium RPM torque curve over just using an MDX spacer. Bigger intake manifold allows better flow and cooler temps.

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