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3 MIL warnings come on simultaneously for Traction Control, Power Steering and TPMS. No other symptoms

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2014 Accord Sport with CVT. 97K miles, well serviced, runs flawlessly.

About a week ago I was running home to grab something, so I left my car idling in the driveway to run into the house and grab the thing. Came back out after about two minutes and suddenly had three warning lights on my dash: Power Steering, Traction Control and TPMS.

The power steering works fine, as far as I can tell the TC does too (hard to test that), and all of the tires are at regular pressures. To knock out an easy one, I tried calibrating the TPMS but it either gives me a 'failed to calibrate' or it seems to start calibration but never clears the TPMS light. From my perspective, there is absolutely nothing malfunctioning with any of those systems. Over the following week the lights have come on intermittently, with the only thing seeming to trigger them is when the car has been running and fully warmed up for at least 20-30 minutes. They don't come on during short trips.

I bought an Ancel AD310 Classic Enhanced OBD2 scanner and have been driving with it plugged in reading live data every trip, patiently waiting for two days for the MILs to come back on. They finally did today while driving home after having waited in the drive through for a while (suggesting again it only happens when the car's been on for >20-30 minutes). But even though I'd had the scanner plugged in and reading live before the lamps came on, it will not read the codes.

I tried every combination possible of plugging in the reader with the car off first, ignition on but engine off, engine on already, etc. Codes are on the dash but they can't be read by the scanner. I tried using the scanner to clear the codes but of course it gave an error since it hadn't read them anyway.

Any ideas what could trigger those three seemingly unrelated warning lights?

Any idea why the scanner may not be able to see them even when they're on?
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12.0 is a 50% charge level.
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