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4dr Rear Lip?

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Anybody running this lip? ^, if not is there another oem looking lip or actual oem one for sale for a fair price?
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I am.
Pic? How do u like it?

I personally love it, I like the way it flows with the car and the sideskirts i have, For more pictures check my build thread (don't feel like reposting right now).

The quality of the lip is very good, its ABS plastic which isn't as good as Polyurethane but it is way better than fiberglass. You are going to have to cut and lower your exhaust, unless you have your stock one, in that case it will just be hidden under the lip because the lip makes the exhaust tip cutout sit lower. The fitment is not 100% perfect but that is to expect with aftermarket parts. Here is the issue i found with fitment as you see in the following picture:

where the lip ends and meets the wheel well there is about a half inch gap on each side of the lip. This is because if you moved the sides of the lip up in order to make it flush with the wheel well then the top line of the lip wouldn't be parallel to the line the bumper makes where it meets the quarter panel, So the lip would look like if it was falling and look ugly (ask me how i know).

Solution: place some rubber spacer between the end of the lip and the wheel well, measure from the top of the bumper (line in between bumper and quarter panel) and make sure there is the same distance all along the sides of the lip. This is a two or three man job so have a buddy help you hold the lip in place after you measure and mark where you want it with blue painters tape. Once you have everything marked, measure again and test fit, and then again because after that, you will be putting the heavy duty exterior 3m double sided tape to the entire border of the lip and with both of your buddies you will stick the lip on to the bumper and you only have one chance at this so make sure you get it right. Once the 3m tape is stuck in there, you can let go, it wont fall. Put the screws it comes with on the end of the lip, you might wanna take your rear wheel out for this. I put two on each side and one of those went through the spacers, i used rubber spacers, like just a random half inch piece of rubber and drilled through it. Put your wheels back on and enjoy.

I guess i went on a tangent there and gave you a mini DIY, long story short i like the lip and i think its the best option for the sedan owners. At least I personally like this look and fit,

more than this:

^^Not my car or pictures, just some shots i've collected over time before i got the lip. First two pics IS my car.
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Wow, it really depends on the car if the lip can be pulled offor not!!!! I like the black painted center pieces

This is how my muffler sits im not sureabout how well it would fit
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Yeah no, you are gonna have to cut the muffler off and bring it down. The tip won't let you fit the lip right.

Edit: Actually I lied, I just remembered, you are gonna have to cut your bumper. If you look behind your bumper right above the exhaust there are cutouts on each side from the factory that are covered. In order to fit the lip you are gonna have to cut the right side (side where your exhausts is) in order to fit the cutout the lip comes with.
I feel like if i cut the piece out that painted black it would look better? Opinions?
^^Updated previous post..
What painted black piece? So you would rather have a big long hole in your 200 lip?
For instance in this picture, theres the part thats painted black im guessing made to look like that piece is not there( at a quick glance thats what it looks like) , i somehow like it like that

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That's not the same lip though. That would be the 06-07 coupe rear lip.
Yes, i know i was just trying to make the point that the black part is made to look like it isnt there

Take a look at this link on the 4 dr model is that wquivalent to the actual oem rear hfp lip?
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