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2019 Accord Sport 2.0 6MT
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I was just going to post this in the, "So what did you do to your Accord today?" thread but after writing it all out I realized this should probably be its own post. So After doing the Acuity Stage 2 Shift Kit (which made a world of difference), the last thing I did not like about the 6-speed transmission was the clutch engagement. The stock engagement point seemed to be super inconsistent and it was hard to consistently shift smoothly especially from 1st to 2nd gear at low speed. My last daily (years ago) was a 4th gen Prelude that I drove for 5 years and I remembered that transmission being much better.

After doing some research I figured out that the culprit was likely the clutch delay valve that Honda started putting inside the clutch slave cylinders of their manual transmission cars sometime in the mid 2000s. Apparently this a common mod in the 10th gen Civic crowd and I found a couple of good write-ups on the CivcX forum. It turns out the salve cylinder on the 10th get Civic and Accord (and some other Hondas) are the same part so I just followed the Civic write-up.

To get access to the slave cylinder I had to first remove the airbox, one of the charge pipes, and then there are just two 12 mm bolts that attach the slave cylinder to the transmission and then the 12 mm banjo bolt (out of frame) for the clutch fluid line:

Automotive fuel system Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design

Once I had the slave cylinder off the car I had to work on disassembling it to get the delay valve out. The first step was to remove a snap ring that holds in an end cap. After trying to remove the ring for about an hour I gave up and decided to drill the side of the cylinder housing to get access to the bottom of the snap ring similar to what was done in this video by an S2000 owner. After that it was trivial to pop out the ring and then use a set of pliers to remove the end cap:

Drilled cylinder:
Glove Wood Grey Hat Headgear

Snap ring removed:
Hand Water Automotive tire Fluid Gesture

End cap removed:
Automotive tire Wood Finger Gas Auto part

The little white thing stuck in there is the valve that needs to be removed. Using a pick tool I just stabbed the thing and pulled it out:
Hand Fluid Finger Nail Gas

Here's the now empty salve cylinder:
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Rim Gas Auto part

I put everything back together, bled the clutch, and now the clutch engagement is at the same point every single time. The 1-2 shift is super easy and no more jerky shifts. This modification combined with the Acuity Stage 2 and tuning out the rev hang with a KTuner has now made the shifting experience perfect in my opinion.

Bonus pic of the car :)
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Grille

2018 Honda Accord 2.0t 6mt
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This is an awesome writeup, I've been on the fence about doing this but I'll totally try this. Thank you for sharing this!!
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