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7th Gen v6 auto -- 215,000 kms maintenance help

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Hey guys,

I've been browsing this forum and I recently started driving my dad's old car, a V6 2003 Auto sedan

The check engine light and maintenance light are on, no big deal (or so i thought).

The codes i am getting are:
P0456 and P0442
Not sure what to do? These codes have been coming on for the past year or two, I clear them, they come back. I thought it was the gas cap but I'm not too sure now (but I haven't replaced the gas cap .. yet)

Is there a part I can easily replace to fix this? I'm ordered a bunch of stuff of rockauto tonight ... I've heard a lot of people talking about an 'evap canister valve'?

Also, is there a company that supplies honda with parts? I know with jeep buying ACDELCO parts was the same thing as buying direct from the dealership. Is there a generic name for OEM Honda stuff or is it strictly from the dealership?

I am also ordering the following to do some maintenance:
Driver door lock actuator
NGK sparkplugs
Fram air filter
WIX oil filter
Tranny fluid (to do a drain + refill)

Can you guys think of anything else I may be overlooking (200,000 km service)?
We have owned this car since new, and driving my jeep to/from school was getting way too expensive (crap MPG) so I'll be driving this as a daily -- Just wanted to make sure all the maintenance was up to date before I started racking up the miles farther :)

Sorry about all the questions, hondas are serious business-- well, a lot more serious than a jeep :p
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Both codes point to the EVAP system which includes the gas cap. Cheapest thing to do is replace the cap first. Even cheaper is thin film of Vaseline on the gas cap gasket. 89 integra passed emissions check using this method til I bought new cap and really fixed code.

If not the cap the hose going to the EVAP canister may be brittle and leaking.

Additional replacements might include a new O2, clean throttle body, Clean MAF if you have one, clean PCV valve or replace. I assume Dad kept up with normal maintenance since 200k+ km on the clock so you have a good start, but fuel filter replace, check all ground connections for good return path (they get corroded)
Basically clean everything possible.
Now the bad news...
Did you have the timing belt changed on the car? I believe the 3.0 v6 has a belt. This is BIG $. I think the Honda 3.0 in 2003 6's are interference engines which means broken belt and you have a trashed engine.:thumbsdow
Luckily my dad has a good family friend whose a mechanic -- he did the timing belt at ~150 or 160 (will have to check reciepts) along w/ water pump haha, phew!

So for the gas cap, best place to buy it is dealership or is there an OEM brand for honda?
is PCV an intensive thing on these cars, or fairly easy?

I gotta say, for 200,000 km it doesn't feel like it at ALL
no random squeaks, no random rattles ... my jeep is the exact opposite lol
Ideally you would want to do 3 x drain+fill of transmission fluid to clean out the old fluid that can't be drained with the first drain.
Changing the brake fluid and power steering fluid is always a good idea. Coolant too, if it hasn't been done with the timing belt job. Do you have an owner's manual? If you plan on doing a lot of work on the car yourself, I would also consider getting a shop manual, preferably Helm.
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