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Hi all!

I need some help with upgrading my 2010 Accord LX to a 2008 Accord EX "Premium System CD Changer". I know that the premium requires the amplifier and that's fine as I'm looking to get an aftermarket one (including new speakers).

The main issue I'm having is that the connection for the display unit is different. My single CD player has an 8 pin connection and the new premium has a 10 pin. Do the EX's have a different display unit then the LX's? I'm thinking about purchasing the wiring harness for the EX dual climate control, automatic headlights, fog lights ,etc... options for continued upgrades.

Of course even with a new wiring harness I still need to use my display unit, or do I have to look on Ebay for an EX? I seen several, but they all look to be the same 8pin and not the 10pin.

Note: I don't want an aftermarket head-unit, as I only want the six-disc option and still want to use my display screen. Also, this is for a non-Nav systems.

Thanks guys!!!


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My objective was also to install an EX radio into my LX, but then the steering wheel audio controls would not work with this conversion. At least that is how it is with the 7th Gens like mine.
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