A. What is for sale/trade (model, specs, etc.):
KONI yellows, GC sleeves and springs with fully assembled top hats with TSX bushings.

B. Condition:
Brand new

C. Price/What you want to trade for:
$900 shipped to continental USA obo

D. Location of item:
Columbia, SC

E. At least one picture of the item(s) for sale / for trade / for free next to a sheet of paper (i.e. verification slip) with the following on it:

Car got hit and trunk won't close. Lost motivation to mod. GC said it might sit higher than stock, I don't think so. Should you need GC original springs they are $300/set from GC.
Spring change is very very easy. nut out, hat out, spring out.

PM any questions.

product details.

The Good :
everything is BRAND NEW
Parts used are:
1. KONI yellows ($~800)
2. Ground control sleeves + custom 2.5" springs ($500)
3. TSX top hats and damper bushings (these alone were over $150)
4. Comes with all the Honda bolts and nuts that "should be replaced". (another $~100)
  • x3 nuts and x1 bolt and x1 nut PER SIDE for front
  • x2 nuts and x1 bolt PER SIDE for rear
5. KONI 2.25" to 2.5" adapter at the bottom (idk why GC used 2.25" sleeves for 2.5" springs but I fixed that)
6. KYB bump stops and shock boots.

The springs were chosen by me to retain stock-like rate(probably a bit stiffer) and still have height adjustability.

The Bad :
1. (Related to #2 in the good) GC told me that the car might sit higher than stock if I did my math wrong.
Spring specs are as written on the parts themselves.
F230mm 5.5kg/mm(310lbs), R250mm 4.0kg/mm(225lbs)
But then many members I've seen online reported the GC's original spring setup lowered too much (exceeding -3 camber) so they had to use upper perch, so mine are set in the lower perch for the concern of sititng too high.
2. I do not have the original KONI spring seats. I bought them from TireRack and 2 of them didn't come with it but at the time I thought it was no big deal as I was not going to use them. They should be available from KONI parts retailers for relatively cheap.

The Fix :
In that case, you can simply call Ground Control and order set of 4 springs they make for the kit for our cars and you are good to go.
The springs should cost you $300 and some change for shipping.
Spring change is very easy. Undo the top nuts, slide out the top hat, change spring, done.