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I had enough of not getting a clean windshield, so I decided to replace the nozzles on my 92 accord to squirt in the proper place.
The first problem was the system would only squirt when the hood was up. I eliminated the bellows at the corner of the hood - fixed!
Next I needed to replace the nozzle on the drivers side. Easy fix, but you must know to order the nozzle and the clip to attach to the hood.
Remove the old from the underside of the hood by squeezing the clips together, pull the hose off - required firm pull. The new clip sits in the vacant hole from the top side, then the new nozzle is pushed down into the clip also from the top. Do not attach the clip to the nozzle before putting into the hood. Reattach hose and good to go. Clips come in 2 varieties - one for Japanese made and one for American. Coded Mitsu for Japan and Denso for U.S.
Something so easy made life so much better.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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