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94 EX 4cyl/2003 EX V6
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I have a 94 Honda Accord EX 4cyl automatic with about 240,000 miles, zero clue when a belt was done (if ever) that i'm trying to fixify and make dependable to last for another couple years.

How hard is it to do the timing belt, am I likely to blow up my engine on restarting an interference engine or should it be fairly straightforward that everything is put back together properly?

Places like amazon have a number of options from $80 to $180, and just cuz it's on amazon might not mean that it's good either... also not sure which water pump to order as i'm pretty sure i'd like to do the water pump at the same time, since whether they will last well past 200k i'm not sure, and i'm not so great at turning wrenches. (i'm self taught and in training, that I successfully put a clutch in a Saturn SL doesn't mean that i'm not uneasy doing most other jobs because I still dont understand what i'm doing alot of the time) Plus flushing the radiator, heater core, and engine block and giving it new coolant. (as that's been at least 5 years since it had new, maybe longer)

If there's anything else that should be done all at that time please suggest. Things like starter/alternator are probably original factory but those aren't a big deal to swap out at least as i've done a few of each before.

Any suggestions of "must know" websites/youtube places for honda owners to do common jobs like this on 5th and 7th gen honda highly welcome as i'm new to working on both cars :)
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