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If your car has a surging/bouncing/rough idle and you have checked coolant, cleaned or replaced IACV, throttle body gasket might be your last shot.

My story:
After cleaning the throttle body and IACV, my car began to idle erratically. It would start at 1.5k rpm. But after a couple of minutes, when engine warmed up, rpm started to bounce between 1k and 2k.

I first thought there was a vacuum leak so I sprayed carb cleaner around, but it turned out that everything were good. Then I checked all components that are related to the throttle body: cooling system, TPS, IACV and MAP sensors.

:dunno:I was about to give up and drive to a shop with map sensor unplugged, I found the gasket that I bought but forgot to put on. So once again, I reassembled the throttle body with the new gasket, reset the ECU and voila! Car now runs and idles perfectly. Lesson learned, gasket can make a big difference.

English is not my first language so please bear with my poor grammar. Any comment will be appreciated.:D
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