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98 Accord EX no start

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98 Accord EX, 186K. The ignition switch has been replaced by my self and reprogrammed in local dealership due to the stucked key cylinder several months ago. The car stalled when I was driving about 400 yards from my house in a rainy day last Monday. It was towed back too my house. In the next day, I checked the car and found that there is spark and the main relay clicking, the fuel pump working. I spray some starting fluid into the throttle body and the car started. The car ran well in the following two days without any starting or running problem. It was another rainy day last Thursday, I even couldn't start the car in front of my house in the morning. Today, I replace the distributor cap and rotor because it is about the time to replace them. I spray some starting fluid like last time, but the car won't start. I can hear the main relay clicking and fuel pump priming, but I couldn't find any way to test the fuel pressure. right now, I have no clue why it won't start. any suggestion? thanks.
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v6 or 4cyl?

start the diagnosis over.

check for spark using your preferred method again.

I suspect a bad ignition coil or ignitor tentatively
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