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9th Gen: How many miles do you have?

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I already have 1100 miles. How many have you put onto your 9th Gen Accord?

I purchased on 12/28/2012
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I only have 73,000 on my 2013 EX-L V6. I would like a 10th or 11th gen but I'm bothered by the lack of satellite radio on blind spot warning on the 11th gen. I really would like Apple Carplay and radar cruise control but I'm having a hard time justifying the expense when I've got a fully paid off car with no maintenance issues.
I had a 10th gen accord. Frankly, in some regards, it was a downgrade from the 9th gens I've owned.

The better MPGs only get you so far with daily driving. Doesn't mean much if the lack of bottom cushioning on the drivers seat decides to make its presence (or lack thereof) known. Furthermore, the storage for your items is lessened versus the 9th gen.

I'll stop here before I'm up all night whining about it.

I can give you more detailed thoughts and opinions if requested.

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Interesting. Since the pandemic and my wife saying she's done with the 900 mile drive to New England to visit my family (we fly now), I'm only putting on about 5000 miles a year. I don't really need a new(er) car. But when I rent something will Apple Carplay, I think "I really want that." And driving my wife's Rav4 with radar cruise control I say "I want that too.":)
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