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Hello all, I've been lurking for a bit, but I thought I would post a positive experience with a dealer that I'm currently having. I have a '17 V6 Touring sedan which I bought as a CPO with 26k on it, and has about 76k on it now. I drive about 40k/year at the moment. Not remotely ideal, not by along shot, but it's what it is.

Last week on my way home from work, I got my first non-maintenance related warning: TRANSMISSION SYSTEM PROBLEM and the dashboard gear indicator went fetal and turned on all of the LCD segments at once. Crap. Took it to the nearby dealer the next morning. They tell me that it's a P0741 code and they want to start with a fluid change. Later in the day the dealer calls and tells me that the fluid change did the trick and no more codes are showing. Great, I think. $249, but with how much I drive, it likely needed a fluid swap anyway, just for basic maintenance.

I notice almost immediately that it seems peppier. Cool. Well, maybe not so cool. After a few days of driving, I confirmed that the highway cruising RPM is now about 300-400 RPM higher than before and the MPG has taken a crap to the tune of about 15-20%. The car felt...wrong. I could get 32-35 MPG on the highway in the summer, with the AC on, without even trying. Now, I'm babying it Eco mode in November and barely getting to 30 MPG, with no traffic on the highway late at night. So, I start to do some research.

I find several sites that describe the symptoms to a tee and state the problem is that the torque converter clutch is slipping or not locking at all. So, I print out one of the relevant pages and head back to the dealer yesterday. I talked to the technician for a bit, giving him the history, how much I drive, the symptoms, and yeah "I hate to be that guy, but look what I found on the Internet." I said, sheepishly grinning. (I explained that do tech support and the more the user can tell me about what is happening, the better it is for me to diagnose.) The tech is a bit skeptical, but took the printout and said he'd do some research. I get an '18 Altima for a rental. (Not terrible, nice styling for an econobox. It comes with a meager 4-cylinder engine with a slug for a CVT, but gets decent mileage. The dash is a nice place to be, but the seats fit me all wrong. I'm in pain after about 20 minutes, no matter how I tweak the settings. But, I can use my Kenu vent mount for my phone in a not-so-bad spot and it has Bluetooth, so I'm good.)

I get a call later in the day to tell me that I was right. I wasn't nuts and the torque converter has gone bad; they found a few more codes logged and gave Honda techline a call. The best part is that they're replacing it and my CPO warranty covers the cost completely. Today, they called me to tell me that they found a sensor that doesn't look right and they replacing that as well, still under the warranty. I gotta say, for a stealership, I didn't have high hopes, but the service dept has been outstanding. Their service hours are unheard of, from 6 AM to 11 PM M-F and they're open on the weekends as well. (!!) They greet you in the service lane with wireless tablets and get you checked in within 5 minutes. None of this standing around nonsense for 15 minutes waiting for the next service adviser to be free.

If you're in NoVa, it's Chantilly (Pohanka) Honda and so far, my experience with them has been 100% positive; their rates aren't horrible either. I have to give them their credit due in this case for owning up to the issue of missing the underlying cause and making it right. Heck, they're even picking up the cost of the rental. Just one more pain-inducing drive home in the Altima.....
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