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Made in back home from the Coast. The old Coupe purred right along, but with one annoying rear sway bar link occasionally telegraphing its looseness.

5571 km with a liter of make up oil. Haven't totalled the fuel yet.

I didn't baby the Accord.

I was strangely compelled to visit the world's oldest Bald Cypress tree (1000 years old, trunk diameter 58 ft) in the Cat Island Wildlife Refuge, in Louisiana. Lots of rough dirt road and a scary bridge crossing as pictured.

Looks like water was over the bridge in the last 24 hours, lots of mud and flotsam on the bridge deck. The bridge's piers were under water so I couldn't judge the bridge's "soundness". So I backed away to try to find another route.

I didn't find an alternative route, so took a second look at the bridge. Put my wallet and passport in my pockets, shoes off for better swimming, both car windows down, and seat belt off to facilitate emergency egress if required.

And I still have my car and my life!!
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That's a purdy color too. Nice that you were able to have so much fun and your wheels kept chugging along. Take care of your car and it won't leave you walking.
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